Merlin’s Secret Immersive Theater

Policy + Terms & Conditions

To ensure that everyone can enjoy the performance to the fullest and create a safe and private environment for all, I hereby agree to the following ticket policy:

  • Location: The play will take place in Merlin’s Secret Theater. The entrance to the space is from the secret library door inside Merlin’s Magic Shop. On arrival I shall present my electronic ticket to the Shop team.I agree to arrive on time to Merlin’s premises to allow 30 min for check in, before the scheduled theatre start time. In case of late arrival and once the performance has begun as per scheduled time or no show up, you I understand I am no longer granted access into the theatre space. Late arrivals automatically lead to losing the ticket.
  • I agree to Leave my Shoes with the team at Merlin’s Shop: prior to entering Merlin’s Secret Chamber, we will ask you to remove your shoes and we will hand you a ticket card with a number. Keep it safe. At the end of the performance, you will present this card in our designated shoe retrieval area, located on your way out, in the exit corridor.
  • I agree to Silence my Electronic Devices: Kindly turn off or switch your mobile phones and other electronic devices to silent mode. This ensures that the performance remains uninterrupted and enjoyable for everyone.
  • I agree to No Photography or Recording Policy: Please refrain from taking any photography or recording for any part of the performance. Our Shop Angels will provide safe mobile stickers to cover mobile cameras. This not only respects the nature of the theatre play, but also prevents any distractions for fellow Merlin Initiates.
  • I agree to not disclose insights on the theater performance: By booking this play you agree to not disclose information on Merlin’s Secret clues and happenings, including any online platforms. No one enjoys hearing the outcome of a movie before watching it. This policy ensures that Merlin’s Secret play is entertaining and engaging for all future participants
  • I agree to be seated at a Pre-Assigned Table: Our team will lead you to your designated table, where you will have a set of cards customized with your name. You will be using these cards to write down the correct answers throughout the play. Changing tables is not permitted.
  • I agree to remain Seated During the Performance: To avoid obstructing the view or missing out on relevant performance parts, please remain seated once the performance begins. If you need to leave your seat, we recommend doing so during break time. In case of emergencies, please approach our team for assistance.
  • I agree to keep silent during the theater performance, unless engaged by the Moderator: Talking is not permitted during the performance. While we encourage you to share your thoughts and reactions, please keep conversations for the end of the play, once “Food of the Gods” is served.
  • I agree to interact in a respectful manner with the Performers: The cast and crew have dedicated their time and effort to bring this production to life. Kindly show your appreciation through applause rather than verbal disruptions. Laughter is deeply encouraged. In case of disrespectful behaviour you will be asked to leave the space.
  • I understand that the outcome of my 7 senses experience will be revealed at the end of the performance: You will receive an envelope with the outcome of the experience prior to leaving the theater space.
  • I confirm that my English skills are sufficient to engage in an English speaking experience and I do not require any translation.
  • I agree to not smoke in Merlin’s Secret Theater, as it is a non-smoking area.
  • Cancellations: Ticket(s) are non-refundable. We strongly encourage you to give the ticket to a friend if for any reason you cannot show up on your pre-booked date.

Thank you for your dedicated attention and confirmation for above terms and conditions.

Your presence adds a special touch of magic to our production, and we’re excited to meet you soon.